Today, Mayor David Coss is expected to announce his candidacy for state representative here in District 46.

Mr. Coss has decided that he will stay on as mayor whether he gets elected or not, because, he says, “being mayor is too much fun.”

Too much fun.

While our community is suffering from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression…

While our families are struggling to keep their homes and their jobs, and to put food on the table…

While our friends and neighbors are suffering…

Mr. Coss is indeed having too much fun being mayor.

We need a representative who takes the job of serving the people seriously.  Not somebody who wants to be in office just because it’s fun.  But that’s the Democratic Party Machine for you — it’s always about what they want, not about what we need.

As a father, a community member and a local business owner, I know firsthand how hard things are right now.  My priority as your representative will be to represent you, not to have fun.

Help us put someone in office who takes their responsibility to you seriously.  Now’s the time to create the change we need!

Carl Trujillo