Last week, my wife Ellen and my son Thomas and I had a great time supporting the work of the Santa Fe Humane Society in helping animals at the annual Barkin’ Ball at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center.

Santa Fe is such a wonderful, animal friendly city. We all get how important our companion animals are to our families.

Of course, it’s great to help animals just for the sake of the animals.  Pets also provide benefits to their humans   Pets are great way to teach kids about compassion and responsibility, and young couples about parenting!  And for singles and older people, pets can provide an important source of companionship and love to alleviate loneliness.  Pets can help us slow down, de-stress and reconnect with the world around us, whether it’s snuggling with our cat on a cold winter night or getting some exercise taking the dog for a walk!

Here are a few photos of the Barkin’ Ball.  My son Thomas had a particularly great time distributing dog treats to all the canine attendees!

Thanks to Ben Swan at the Santa Fe Humane Society for most of these photos!