One of the greatest things about this campaign has been the outpouring of support from the people of our community who are committed to working for a better future.

But sometimes we get support from organizations who may have agendas that are likely to be at odds with our interests. And sometimes they may do things on their own, without our knowledge or our consent — whether it’s putting up a sign, sending out emails, making a financial contribution or something bigger.

This week, we had a few interesting examples. Organizations that have independently done things without any involvement from us. For example, two organizations sent out mailers that were negative to our opponent. We had nothing to do with them, but there’s nothing we can do to stop them.

Unfortunately, the opposition has been using slimy tactics to insinuate that we are somehow connected to these organizations and that’s proof that we have some kind of secret evil agenda. Our agenda is not secret; it is clear. There is only one interest that I seek to serve, and that is the very special interests of the people in the community that I grew up in, that my family has lived in and raised our children in for 400 years– the people of District 46.

Some may ask why organizations like Reform New Mexico or the Business Alliance want to support our campaign in opposition to the entrenched machine candidate David Coss. They sent out their mailers without our involvement or approval, and we don’t know their reasons.

Perhaps they have their own genuine, legitimate concerns about Mr. Coss, because while David Coss and I, as fellow Democrats, may not be that far apart in our specific stands on specific issues, we seem to have very different views about the political process when it comes to fairness, openness and transparency. 

For example, I’m on the record for being willing to listen and include everyone in the dialogue, whether we agree with them or not, and my belief that if we’re going to get government unstuck, we’re going to have to start talking with and listening to each other. Yes, even across the political divide, perhaps especially where we have strong differences. 
This does not mean that I don’t have strong views on vital issues which are often in opposition to these big special interests– especially when it comes to issues like protecting our environment, helping our families survive and prosper free from the ravages of substance abuse, violence and unemployment, providing better education for our children so they can have a better future, and helping local business to succeed in this difficult economy.

So, while we can’t stop organizations from doing certain things like sending out mailers, we can and do return checks from special interests that aren’t in line with the priorities of our community. Because there’s only one special interest that I’m looking to serve and that’s the people of the 46th District of New Mexico.

Yours Truly,
Carl Trujillo