This past week, Carl met with representatives of the New Mexico Association of Educational Retirees (NMAER) who shared their ideas for fixing the problems with the state Educational Retirement Fund.  As we’ve heard many times from teachers and other education professionals here in our community, there’s tremendous concern about the long-term viability and sustainability of the Educational Retirement Fund, which is currently dangerously underfunded.

With all the attention we give to debating education reform, the central fact remains that teachers are the heart and soul of our schools.  We need to make sure we’re caring for teachers and other professionals that have already devoted years of service to our schools, as well as ensuring that educators in the future will know they can count on their retirement fund being secure and available for them when they need it.  If we want great schools for our kids, we need to be rock solid in honoring our commitments to the people who devote their lives to making them work.

That means making some difficult choices now, and we’ll be working hard to seek input and create innovative solutions.  If you have ideas, concerns, etc. with regard to this issue, we’d love to hear them.