Earlier this week, Carl visited Santa Fe Community College’s Sustainable Technologies Center (STC), where they are working hard to promote a greener campus and work towards building a more energy efficient community.

Carl got a tour of some of the work being done in the hands-on teaching facilities. The STC houses bio-fuel experiments to help local farmers grow their crops using greener and more sustainable methods, and model homes that can teach students how to build more energy efficient homes.

I think most of us know that Santa Fe and northern New Mexico are special. We’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to green, sustainable energy and ideas. We have many, many people in our community who are leaders in this area, and whose ideas deserve the chance to be heard and considered in Santa Fe. As a citizen legislator, Carl will do just that — bring your ideas to the legislature.

Now’s our time to elect real, citizen legislators who will work with the community to bring our best ideas to the legislature!