“Today, I’m officially announcing my 2012 candidacy for New Mexico State Representative District 46.  As many of you know, we came within just a handful of votes of victory in 2010 when we first launched our campaign to stand up against the entrenched and outdated Party Machine that has ruled New Mexico for far too long.
Growing up in this community, as a son, a husband and a father, I see the damage that entrenched career politicians have done to our community for too many years.  Every corrupt deal that goes down and lines the pockets of party politicians and their cronies steals opportunities from our kids and our community.   We need to vote out the entrenched, corporate-funded party politicians, and elect real people who will put the interests of our community first.

During the past two years, we’ve heard from many, many people in our community who have shared with us their concerns about the situation here in New Mexico and expressed their support for our campaign for change.

Of course, the biggest issue on most people’s minds is fixing our economy.  Here in New Mexico, jobs are harder and harder to come by, and it’s tougher and tougher for people to feed their families, much less buy a home or send their kids to college.  Meanwhile, Wall Street bankers and corporate CEOs are getting wealthier, and here at home, so are our state politicians, who are primarily funded by big corporations.  At the national level, to fix our economy, we need to fight corporate and Wall Street corruption.  Here in New Mexico, we need to get rid of an outdated political system of sweetheart deals and pay to play scandals that waste our taxpayer money and cost us and our children opportunities, money and jobs.  

I believe deeply in the concept of a citizen legislator.  I believe that’s the way our democracy was intended to work.  The problem when one person is in office for too long is that they become career politicians, and they put their personal interests and the interests of their friends before the interests of the people.  Now’s our time to elect real people that will change this and put the well being of people above wealthy politicians and their cronies.”

I invite you to join our Campaign for Change.  There are lots of ways you can participate.  Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook, or volunteer your time or make a monetary contribution.
And most importantly, talk with your friends and family about our Campaign for Change and encourage them to get involved, too.

Now’s our time to make a real change! 

Carl Trujillo