Many of us look to leadership for reassurance and a unifying voice in troubling times.  What happened in Charlottesville this past weekend is sickening.  Heather Hyers died this weekend for standing up for her convictions and fighting to end racism.  In the past days, I know many of us have been grappling with the intolerance that lies at the center of this situation.   And just like many parents, I am concerned that the most vulnerable are the ones who we most want to protect from these horrific events: our children.  Racism, hatred, divisiveness, fear; these are beliefs that are learned and taught.  Children are born free and unknowledgeable of these concepts.  Raising an 8 year-old son, I want to see him succeed at reaching his highest goals.  I work hard as a state representative to create a better society for all our children, and a better state for their future with opportunities – equally available for all.

Our children will remember acts like those in Charlottesville.  They will remember what they heard and will be affected by it.  For this reason, we must continue to work together to create a better society for them.  We must show them a better future and focus on the big tasks at hand for New Mexico and the country to ensure a positive legacy for our children.

Carl Trujillo