Carl Trujillo talks with voters at Community Day on the Plaza.  As a “citizen legislator,” Carl’s priority will be to do what representatives in a democracy are supposed to do — represent the concerns, priorities and needs of the people of the community.

As a citizen legislature rather than a career politician, Carl is genuinely part of the community, with the same hopes, concerns and priorities that we all share.   And his pledge to take no campaign contributions over $100 means that when he’s in the legislature, he won’t owe anything to special interests — he is free to vote for the best interests of the people 100% of the time.

“I believe strongly in the concept of a citizen legislator.  I believe that’s the way our democracy was intended to work.  The problem when one person is in office for too long is that they become career politicians, and they put their personal interests and the interests of their friends before the interests of the people.  I’m not a career politician. I’m part of this community, I’m a citizen first, and I’m running to represent the people.” — Carl Trujillo