For the past few months, Carl Trujillo and our Campaign for Change have been reaching out to cause organizations and citizens activist groups in our community — not to ask them for endorsements, but to listen to their concerns and best ideas for how to make northern New Mexico a better place for all of us.

Carl has met for substantive sit-down conversations with groups and community leaders concerned with the environment, domestic violence, animal rights, youth programs, the arts, local business, sustainability, water issues, homelessness and many, many more issues vital to northern New Mexico.   And without exception, all of these groups have responded enthusiastically to our Campaign for Change.

As a citizen legislator, Carl Trujillo knows that making our community better isn’t just the work of one person wielding power, but the combined effort of everyone who cares about our community.  That’s the kind of candidate he’s been and that’s the kind of representative he’ll be.