Let’s get corporate money out of politics!

Carl Trujillo at the opening of the 2012 NM State Legislative Session
For too long, many New Mexico state legislators have been heavily supported by corporations and  lobbying groups. 
When a legislator takes large amounts of money from corporations and lobbying groups, who do they really work for?
Here are the ten New Mexico legislators who took the highest amounts of corporate cash in the last election cycle:
Amount of Corporate Contributions
1. Ben Lujan Sr. (D-Nambe)
2. Michael Sanchez (D-Belen)
3.John Ryan(R-Albuquerque)
4. Tim Jennings (D-Roswell)
5. Stuart Ingle (R-Portales)
6.Al Park (D-Albuquerque)
7. Rod Adair (R-Roswell)
8. Debbie Rodella (D-Espanola)
9. Carlos Cisneros (D-Questa)
10.David Ulibarri (D-Grants)

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