This week, Carl Trujillo visited with residents of the Chimayo community to hear their concerns about the lack of safe drinking water in their neighborhoods.

Currently, there are 5000 residents in the Chimayo service area, and only about 331 meters installed to serve them. This means that the large majority of people are forced to go to great lengths to get safe drinking water. Many get a rotten egg smell when they turn on their taps, and there is so much silt in their well water that they have to replace the filter to their washing machines monthly or more frequently. And worst of all, in addition to nitrates and sulfur, in some locations, there is also uranium in the water

It is morally inexcusable that a mere 30 miles from Santa Fe, one of the most affluent communities in New Mexico, people of our community live without one of the most basic requirements for life – clean, safe drinking water, while they are represented by the most powerful politician in the state who has had 36 years to solve this problem.

As a representative, one of Carl’s priorities will be to solve this decades-old problem by working with the residents of Chimayo and the northern part of Santa Fe County to provide the clean, safe drinking water they need.