Today was the day for candidates for state office to turn in their signatures and officially file for office. 

Our only opponent will be Santa Fe Mayor David Coss.

The choice in this race, just like when we nearly defeated Ben Lujan Sr., is clear:  a corrupt and outdated Democratic Party Machine that puts itself before the needs of the community vs. a citizen’s legislator who will put the needs of the community first.

I’m a lifelong Democrat and I come from generations of lifelong Democrats.  I believe in what the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for as the party of the people. 

But as many of us know too well,  New Mexico’s Democratic Party Machine has lost sight of these ideals.  In public, the Machine talks the talk about fairness and democracy, but behind closed doors, it rules by threats and intimidation, and puts interests of their politician-friends and cronies above the will of the people.   

These next two and a half months will fly by, and during that time we’re going to spend every available minute reaching out to listen to you and your concerns.

But no need to wait for us to knock on your door — if you have something to say, email us and tell us what kind of change you want to see in our state government!

And to stay up to date with our campaign,  click here to”like” our brand-new Facebook page  — we’ll post press releases and campaign updates there first — before we send them to the press or anywhere else.

Now’s the time to create the change we need!

Carl Trujillo