Our Campaign for Change is different than most political campaigns — since day one, listening to and representing our communities has been priority number one and we’re proud to say that days before the election, we’re harder at work than ever engaging with community members to hear your thoughts, priorities and ideas. We’ve had a policy throughout the campaign not to actively seek endorsements from groups, organizations, political leaders, etc., so that we could spend that time instead out in the community.

That’s why today, we’re proud to announce these two very special citizen endorsements from two active community advocates in Santa Fe. Both Rick Lass and Paul White have dedicated themselves to bettering our communities for our families and neighbors, and we’re proud to call them supporters of our Campaign for Change.

Rick Lass: We need a fresh voice to Represent our communities…
I am supporting Carl Trujillo because I am tired of politics as usual at the Roundhouse. Carl will bring fresh ideas and new energy to our legislature which is in desperate need of leaders who will promote quality education, good paying jobs, and green energy. A vote for Carl Trujillo is a vote for meaningful, positive change in Santa Fe and New Mexico.
Rick Lass

Paul White: Carl Trujillo is a Citizen Candidate…

Politicians these days seem more concerned with playing petty political games and advancing their own personal and political agendas than about listening to the people. Some career politicians put on a decent act during election season, but tune out the voices of the communities that they are supposed to be representing as soon as they get to the Roundhouse. Our communities can’t afford to elect another career politician that has become detached from the very communities they are supposed to be representing.

I’ve been an active member of the Santa Fe community for quite some time now. And although I don’t speak as a representative of the many community organizations and County committees that I’m a member of I know that they support the kind of openness and transparency that Carl would bring to us as our representative.

I can tell the difference between a career politician going through the motions and someone who is passionate and cares about the issues that our communities face.

Carl Trujillo is of the latter group. Carl believes in the concept of a citizen-legislator—he knows that his job is to listen to our communities and after that, be their voice and representation in the state legislature. Carl knows how to research issues and will make informed decisions on our behalf.

From multiple interactions I’ve had with Carl at community meetings–of those that I am a member of and many others that I’ve attended–I know that Carl actually cares about the problems facing our communities and will put listening to our communities voices and solving those problems as his number one and only priority.

It’s time for a change, the status quo is not working and we need representation that will listen to our hard-working communities. Carl Trujillo is the man for the job and that is why he has my full support.

Paul White
Community Activist