I think about our political system in our democracy constantly and I know that honest and sound thinkers are often difficult to find, much less have them run for office.

I have been involved in community services as a public school board member, youth recreation programs, church oriented adult and youth programs and have seen the value and results from those individuals who truly dedicate their life to helping others.

As a Dean at the University of New Mexico, I have experienced and seen the need for candidates that prioritize education at all levels for job development and economic development.

We have this individual in Carl Trujillo.

His value system is one of serving and doing the best job he can in whatever he undertakes. Carl’s value system was built from childhood as he observed and took advice from his elders and those with knowledge in the areas of community relationships, education, and one very important subject; the building and development of character, so that by example, Carl always brings improved results within organizations and helps people create a new and positive outlook on life.

Most importantly, Carl stands for US, the people, and listens to what we need and what we want for our community. I believe he will put the people first, over his own ambitions, which is the way it should be in a democracy.

This is why I support Carl Trujillo for the New Mexico House of Representatives for District 46.

Eddie Rodriguez