I remember as a child being told that here in America you can accomplish anything with hard-work and determination.  This inspired and motivated me — everyday I would wake up and head off to school eager to work, learn and improve my life.  I spent the first ten years of my life in a ranch in Gallina then moved to Santa Fe in the  Alto Street area. 

As a child I always had confidence that our Government and our communities were working for me, providing me with an opportunity to be successful.  I eventually worked, went to school, raised a family and landed a job at the labs and spent my most rewarding professional years there. To this day I take great pride in my community, its culture, and values.
I wish I could say that I had the same pride in our local and state government.  Unfortunately, today our politicians seem to be more concerned about furthering their own careers than listening to and helping our communities. 
There is a reason for hope. During my time at the labs I had many bright and hard-working colleagues.  One of these colleagues, Carl Trujillo, is standing up for us and is running for State Representative in District 46. Carl is not only a hard-working, bright, and ethical colleague–he is also a close friend.

I’ve known and worked with Carl for twenty plus years and I know that he has the integrity, compassion, and work ethic that we need to represent our communities.
Carl is a breath of fresh air; he is the kind of man that can get things done, however daunting the task. Changing the corrupt, opaque culture of the Roundhouse will not be easy, but I have faith that Carl will help bring the change we have needed for too long.

Carl is a citizen-candidate and is not a career politician. He will listen to the concerns of our communities and always put the voices of the people first and has always advocated for a transparent, open government.

Its time for our politicians to begin to lead by example, Carl is the man for the task. He has my full, dedicated support.

Benito Jacquez