I worked for the State of New Mexico for over 20 years. During this time I’ve headed a number of government posts, including the Director of Child Support Services, Director for Administrative Services and Inspector General for the State Human Services Department.

Like Carl, Mayor David Coss is a good friend of mine. And my family will continue to support him as our Mayor. Yet the clear-cut conflict of interest that accompanies holding two elected offices is too much for me to support. It is fundamentally wrong; I strongly believe that a citizen should only hold one elected office, anything more than that threatens our democracy.

During my time in State Government, I dealt with many elected officials, some good, some bad. I have complete confidence that Carl Trujillo will represent District 46 with honesty, fairness and compassion. Carl Trujillo will continue to fight for openness and transparency in Government and he will always put the voices of our communities first and foremost. I’ve always been impressed with Carl’s work ethic and I know that he will be a tireless voice in the Roundhouse for the communities and families of District 46.

Ben Silva