Our Campaign for Change is all about bringing your voice to the Roundhouse, making sure people come before politics. Our priority is to make sure you have as many opportunities as possible to share your ideas, needs and priorities in state government.

Here are 5 ways that you can make your voice heard:

1. Call or email us to share your thoughtsWe want to hear from you!
It’s an old standard, but it’s really true — letting your state representative know how you feel does make a difference! So if something’s on your mind, we want to hear about it.

Click Here to share Your Thoughts

2. “Like” and subscribe to our Facebook page. We’re going to take full advantage of the power of social media to create an ongoing online dialogue about what we need in our community.  A lot of this will take place on Facebook, so if you want to participate (or just stay current on what others are sharing), visit our Facebook page and subscribe to our news feed. (Note that Facebook has recently included an extra step — to see our posts in your news feed, “like” the page and then select “add to interest lists” on the top right hand side.

Click here to find us on Facebook.

3. Host a listening party.

Our Listening Parties won’t stop just because it’s not election season.  If you have a group of friends or associates who want to share thoughts or talk through a specific issue, we’ll help you host a house party so you can meet with Carl to share your thoughts.

Click Here to host a Listening Party

4. Apply for our internship program.

If you’re a young person (or just young at heart) and are interested in helping more directly in Carl’s legislative office, both before and during the session, we have internship opportunities available.  Interns will get intense, hands-on experience with politics and public policy, along with intensive mentoring and lots of valuable resume-building skills.  And if you’re a student and your school offers it, you can receive college credit, too.  For more information and application instructions, email us at info@CarlTrujillo.com

5. Come up with your own idea for how to get involved.

If you’ve got more ideas for how we can make sure that your voice is heard in the state legislature, we’d love to hear them!