Community member Will Schmitt explains why, even though he’s a personal friend of our opponent, he still supports Carl–largely due to his concerns about Coss’ two-office power grab and history of ethical problems. You can read the full article below or on the New Mexican site here:

I joined Carl Trujillo’s campaign to win the District 46 seat in the state House of Representatives several months ago, before Mayor David Coss announced his candidacy.

I decided to do this because I fundamentally dislike the level of corruption that appears to surround retiring House Speaker Ben Luján. I met Trujillo and liked what he had to say about issues that I am concerned about as a liberal Democrat, such as the environment, education, immigration, health care, women’s rights, and the economy and its relation to all of the above.

When Coss announced his bid for the seat, I almost quit the Trujillo campaign because I have known Coss to represent many of the things that I like about Carl Trujillo. I decided to stay with the Trujillo campaign after considering whose horse Coss hitched his wagon to. If Coss wins, I believe he will be obligated to Speaker Luján. Coss is surrounded by controversies like the suppression of the cost of the annexation before the recent bond election, the evolving parking-meter scandal, campaign money from Advantage Asphalt, and most recently, the $5 million borrowed to buy and renovate space in the Railyard for city office space that many see as a sweetheart deal to bail out a developer, as well as his intention to keep his job as mayor should he win the election.

All of this looks like business as usual in the Democratic Party and in Santa Fe, and yet we Dems wonder why our base is eroding in New Mexico. This was described very succinctly by Orlando Romero in his May 29 column, “It’s hard to be a Democrat.”

I am convinced that Trujillo will make the best legislator representing our interests. He is smart, honest, energetic and genuinely concerned. He can be trusted to serve our common good as an honest broker. 

Trujillo represents a clean shift from the past, and I give him my enthusiastic endorsement.