District 46 is a collection of diverse communities that meander throughout northern Santa Fe County. Starting in the northern part of the City of Santa Fe and heading north through the Pojoaque Valley to parts within the City of Espanola. The District has tremendous historical relevance with four pueblos, over 35 active acequia’s, and a few land grants. The district has both urban and rural areas.  An active artist community, several wineries, celebration of Native American feast days, and farming create a culturally rich district.

Within the City of Santa Fe, there are traditional streets, such as Agua Fria and Alameda, mixed in with vibrant up and coming progressive communities. District 46 hosts the iconic new Railyard district, home of the Santa Fe Farmers Market, and many locally owned businesses and a burgeoning distillery.  These neighborhoods are the home to artists, small local businesses, schools, and community spaces.  And of course, as in so many places in Northern New Mexico, you will find great coffee and food, too.

As one navigates the district to the north, some of the communities include La Tierra, Nuevo Tierra, Los Suenos, and Las Campanas.  These areas can remind one of the Wild West with such great panoramic views.


As you drop in elevation, you find the communities of Chupadero, Rio en Medio, Village of Tesuque, and Tesuque Pueblo.  Here both the northern New Mexico desert landscape and the greenery of grass fields and tall cottonwood trees mix to provide rich and colorful vistas.  These beautifully contrasting landscapes make the area an appealing home for many New Mexicans and their favorite restaurants.

Heading northward, and dropping further in elevation, is the valley.  This is home to the culturally rich Pueblos of Pojoaque, Nambe, and the San Ildefonso.  Co-existing in the valley are the farming communities of El Rancho, Jacona, Jaconita, Pojoaque, Cuyamungue, and Nambe.  This area has the benefit of many acequia’s, which feed water to local farmers, and recently has become the home to a few vineyards such as Estrellas del Norte Vineyard.  Many of these farmers are the regular vendors at the Santa Fe Farmers Market where community helps community.

Further north are the small traditional communities Arroyo Seco, La Puebla, Caurteles, Chimayo, Santa Cruz, Sombrillo, and El Potero.  This is a home to exceptional artistry in the trades of Spanish furniture, wood working and art.  World famous red chile from Chimayo, and of course the famous restaurant, Rancho de Chimayo, call this home.  This is also the home to the famous Santuario de Chimayo- the destination for as many as 300,000 annual pilgrims, 30,000 during Holy Week alone.

I am truly honored to represent this very diverse district. As a local who grew up in Nambe, it is important to me to continue working hard to represent all communities of District 46.  Our Campaign for Change is about these diverse communities working together, and always placing People before Politics.