Documents Pertaining to False Sexual Harassment Claims

My name has been cleared at last!

On May 2, 2018, a lobbyist, Laura Bonar accused me of sexual harassment from 2014.  On May 2, 2018, I released a statement that I did not ever sexually harass Laura Bonar nor any other person and the allegations are completely false.

I challenge anyone who has any doubts about my innocence, or about whether there was probable cause in this case, including the Legislative Ethics Committee members, to actually take the time to read all of the evidence, transcripts, documents, and listen to recordings that will be available on my website, as they are received:  This challenge also specifically applies to reporters at the Santa Fe New Mexican who have published biased articles and misleading opinion pieces, including demanding my resignation and declaring the case closed several months ago, without conducting any actual investigation.  Now the case is closed, and the truth has prevailed.

A hearing was set by the legislature to deliberate on the case as required by policy.  The process started on May 2, 2018, and just ended yesterday December 3rd, 2018 without a hearing ever taking place because Ms. Bonar refused to participate in the process after she launched these serious allegations.

From the very beginning, Laura Bonar refused to put her false allegations under oath.  After her “open letter” was sent to all local and state-wide media and got the coverage she was hoping for, Legislative Council hired attorney Patricia Ives to reach out to Ms. Bonar multiple times asking if she wanted to file a complaint with Legislative Council.  She never filed a complaint.  At this point, it was not a surprise that she would be unwilling to testify under oath to her frivolous allegations, seven months later. I also always knew that this ridiculous process was designed to prevent me from working to serve the people of New Mexico in the future. These bullies have failed – no matter what they tried, I refused to resign, and I fought for the truth to the end. I will leave my office with my head held high.

It is clear that the Legislative Ethics Committee’s Final Order was manipulated to try to cover up the corruption of this process, including accusing me of refusing to answer questions about my participation in the investigation in a footnote.  I fully cooperated with the investigation, and I would have been happy to answer any questions about my participation in the investigation.  You can see from my deposition transcript that I actually declined to answer questions about my aunt and constituent who had nothing to do with any of this, who was not named as a witness by the charging party, and who was being targeted and bullied for speaking out against this corrupt process to the Legislature.  I remain shocked that the committee was interested in ratifying such retaliation against a constituent, and that they would misclassify the information being requested from me as testimony about the investigation. She had nothing to do with the investigation or the underlying issues, yet the committee allowed the charging party to go after her. It is truly a sad day when the people of this State are bullied into silence, and the Legislative Ethics Committee, of all Committees, allows this behavior on their behalf and then tries to cover it up.

This cover-up has extended to the Legislative Council Service who has, to this day, refused to put my lawyer’s Response to the charging party’s witch hunt for my 65-year-old aunt up on their website, but you can find it on my website if you are interested in the real story.

The Final Order also tries to justify the fact that Ms. Bonar was not required to provide her allegations under oath, up front (which would have saved the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars), by trying to pull a crooked procedural move and classifying it as a Rule 16(H) referral. But even this procedural move requires that the referral to the committee include specific details of the alleged ethics violations.  Ms. Bonar’s blog post, by the charging party’s own admission, contained no specific allegations.

Though I am saddened that my colleagues on the Legislative Ethics Committee did not have the courage to stand up for what is right, I know firsthand what a nightmare it is to be a target, and so I can also understand why they attempted to provide cover for the corruption of those involved.  I am extremely confident that the same result would have been reached if Laura Bonar’s false allegations had been tested under oath, at a full hearing.

Further, I am also disappointed that the Speaker of the House, Brian Egolf, would resort to deploying the despicable, political tactics resulting in this corrupt process. Speaker Egolf was the only House leader to vote to send Laura Bonar’s blog post to the ethics subcommittee as a complaint for investigation, even though the blog post did not meet simple minimum requirements, like containing reasonable specificity as to the nature of the allegations.  Speaker Egolf is an attorney, and so it seems that rules and requirements should have mattered more to him.  Unfortunately, his decision to carve out exceptions to the rules for Laura Bonar and Animal Protection Voters has sent a horrible message to the citizens of this state and to the country about New Mexico politics, and has resulted in a very large amount of taxpayer money going straight to Speaker Egolf’s attorney and political supporter, Tom Hnasko, who was hired to act as an investigator, and special counsel, and charging party. He played judge, jury, and executioner all on the state’s dime.

In the final days of this process, Ms. Bonar stated in a letter to counsel, she does not wish to continue with the hearing process because she does not wish to “perjure” herself and that her personal goal was to have me removed from my seat, all while she was allowed to refuse to follow the requirements of the Anti-Harassment Policy and the law. No one should be permitted to interfere with a public election in this manner – that is the definition of corruption. Ms. Bonar was given numerous opportunities to comply with simple requirements in a fair and confidential manner, and yet she still failed to comply because she didn’t want to perjure herself.

I respect the policies that I helped to put into place to protect people from sexual harassment at the Roundhouse, yet it is equally important that such policies have safeguards to prevent a situation where a few people get to decide an entire primary election.

While this has had a devastating impact on me and my family and misled the people of District 46, I have learned from this terrible ordeal and I have the highest hope that the gains of the #metoo movement are not undone by these sorts of political tactics and lies.  My deepest thanks go to all who have stood by me and who have helped me to defend the truth.

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