Additional Statement RE: Reform New Mexico

FROM: Carl Trujillo’s Campaign for Change
DATE:  Monday, June 4, 2012
RE: Reform New Mexico

We are an inclusive, citizens campaign built on listening to the ideas of the community and that means that we welcome input from all people, including legitimate community/cause groups dedicated to making our community better — even when those community/cause groups have different opinions from our own.

What we don’t welcome is the interference of corporate & political front groups like Reform New Mexico seeking to influence the outcome of an election, whether those groups are Republican, Democrat or some other affiliation.  

If we want a government that’s of, for and by the people, then it needs to be the people’s voice shaping our dialogue.

So to be clear, myself as an individual and our campaign have no affiliation what so ever with Reform New Mexico or any other corporate or political front group, nor do we welcome nor seek the support of such groups.  Furthermore, while I am a citizen candidate, I and our campaign have strong views on vital issues — positions that are in strong opposition to those expressed by Reform New Mexico, particularly when it comes to reforming our educational system and protecting our environment.  I am a passionate supporter of environmental protection and alternative, green energy, and unequivocally do not stand with the big oil and gas lobbyists who support Susana Martinez.  I do not share their political agenda nor their point of view.

Further, I as a candidate am strongly opposed to such corporate front groups being able to influence our election, which is why I’m an active member of Money Outta Politics, a grassroots Santa Fe community activist group seeking to overturn Citizens United, limit the corporate and “soft money” influence in our politics, and return our government to the people.

Mr. Coss, Mr. Egolf and I have significant differences in this primary campaign, but we stand together in opposing the agenda of Reform New Mexico and on calling on Reform New Mexico and other corporate and political front groups to stop interfering with the election so that the people’s voice can be heard.

Yours truly,
Carl Trujillo


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