As promised, we’re working hard to keep you updated on the newest developments re: the Aamodt Settlement Agreement. Here’s the latest info:


We strongly recommend following the progress on the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA), which is a government-to-government agreement between the four pueblos and Santa Fe County.

The Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners will hear public comment and discussion on the JPA at their May 13, 2014 meeting.  This will be a significant opportunity to have your voice heard.

Where:  The Counties Administration Building, 102 Grant Avenue, Santa Fe.

When:   Tues, May 13.  The commission meeting starts at 2 p.m., but public comment on the JPA of the Aamodt Settlement will not start until 5 p.m.

The last draft revision of this document is dated December 6, 2013.  This JPA will be the instrument used to set the representation on the Regional Water Authority board (RWA).
The JPA provides that the RWA will own, manage, operate and maintain the real property, facilities and equipment to divert, collect, treat, store and transmit water within the basin.

Regardless of your election in the settlement, it’s imperative that a fair and impartial JPA be agreed upon to serve all in the community.

For those that want to read over the current draft JPA, please click here.

Please contact us at if you have any questions — we’re always happy to help.



During March and early April, we hosted 6 public meetings during to answer questions about settlement options and other vital information. Every meeting was very well attended by people on both sides of the issue, and did a lot to draw the media and public’s attention to the importance of this issue to the well being of our community.


We do not have the exact numbers on the objections and the acceptances to the settlement agreement, but we do know that there were far more objections than many people anticipated (over 800!).  These are the unofficial totals:

    • Approx 130 Acceptance to Settlement electing to connect to the Regional Water System were filed.
    •  Approximately 140 Acceptance to Settlement electing to keep well  were filed.
    • Over 800 Objections to the Settlement were filed.


Yesterday, May 7, 2013, was the deadline for the settling parties to file a Case Management and Service Order to the district court, the settling parties being the four pueblos (Pojoaque, San Ildefonso, Nambe, Tesuque), the United States government, NM State Engineer, the County of Santa Fe, and the City of Santa Fe.   Two different Case Management and Service Orders were filed, one filed by the four pueblos and the US Government, the other from the NM State Engineer, County of Santa Fe, and City of Santa Fe.


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