As you may have heard by now, the totals are in and our Campaign for Change was successful.
I want to thank our many supporters, volunteers, our dedicated campaign staff and, of course, my family for their hard work and courage on what is certainly a very un-traditional campaign.  Our Campaign for Change was a team effort and I’m so proud of everyone who helped us reach out to the community.
I would also like to offer a thank you to my opponent, Santa Fe mayor David Coss, for his gracious phone call to me last night. I realize this campaign was a contentious one, and I am looking forward to finding a way forward with Mayor Coss and his supporters that is grounded in building bridges, not walls. 
I am humbled by the trust that the people have placed in me by voting for our Campaign for Change to represent our community in the legislature.  As a citizen candidate, my priority has always been to represent the people, and that singular mission will continue to be our focus.  

Our campaign will continue doing what we’ve done over the past two years — we’ll be working hard to reach as many of you as possible, knocking on doors, attending Listening Parties and reaching out to all the people of our community.   

This was a primary election, and of course, the general election is in November.  While it was appropriate for Democrats to choose their nominee (and inappropriate for corporate PACs of any party to get involved in this race), now that the selection has been made, it’s equally appropriate and important for those individuals in our community who are not Democrats to have the opportunity to participate in selecting the person who will represent them in the legislature. 

That means we’ll be reaching out to those of you who we haven’t yet met with personally, including Democrats who voted for my opponent, as well as members of our community from all political parties, including the ones who are not in line with our campaign’s positions.   
Together, we can all work together to bring the best of all of our ideas to the legislature.
Yours truly,
Carl Trujillo
Citizen Candidate
Democratic Party Nominee, State Representative District 46