Reporter article on soft money in NM elections

There’s an article in this week’s Santa Fe Reporter re: the problem of soft money in elections.  It talks a bit about how soft money hurt our Campaign for Change, but more importantly, it’s about the big problem that Citizens United created in terms of allowing this huge influx of anonymous special interest money into elections.

Link to full article:

Afterschool care helps working families

Yesterday, I visited the Boys and Girls Club in Chimayo. These programs are important to communities to help families care for our children after school and during the summer time. They provide a great learning environment including homework help, work in the arts, and physical activity on playgrounds and basketball courts. The kids also get a healthy snack.

I asked the kids what legislation they would introduce to improve their community. They were very eager to respond! Some responses were: removing drugs from their community, no littering & do not allow kids to drop out of school. We could use their input in the legislature!

Unfortunately, the Boys and Girls Club hasn’t had the required funding for the past two summers, which puts a big strain on the ability of working parents to provide for their families.

Let’s work together to make sure that our community has the resources it needs to provide for our children!

Better Community Healthcare

On Saturday, Carl attended the grand opening ceremony of the new wing of the Espanola Hospital. The new wing gives about 30 to 40% more light to patients’ rooms, because light encourages healing and fights depression.

The new wing also has a nurses’ station for every two rooms. And even better yet, it has a pull-out futon so family members can spend more time with their loved ones (which also speeds healing).

Also nice was all the art on the wall of photographs of beautiful places in New Mexico (and we wouldn’t be surprised if that helped with healing, too!).

What a wonderful job by all the volunteers and staff that made this happen — it shows what happens when we work together to make our community better.

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