Let’s keep Santa Fe artist-friendly!

Carl Trujillo admires the work of a local artist at an outdoor fair in Santa Fe.

Our local artists and craftspeople are a big part of what makes Santa Fe and northern New Mexico such a unique and vibrant place to live.  Carl supports the Santa Fe Living Wage and believes that the artists, craftspeople and working families who make Santa Fe the special place that it is should be able to afford to live here without having to work three jobs and cut corners to make ends meet.

Meet & Greet BBQ with Carl Trujillo

Supporters of Carl Trujillo’s campaign for change braved windy weather to turn out for the Meet & Greet BBQ this afternoon.

Campaign volunteers cooked up some fantastic food while a DJ revved up the crowd for Carl’s speech.  

“I am running to represent the people of District 46,”  Carl told the crowd. “Over and over again, I hear from people in our community that they feel they have been neglected.  I will bring that representation back to the district.”

Carl Trujillo Celebrates Earth Day

 On Earth Day, Carl visited with vendors, artists and community members at the La Montanita Coop Earth Day Festival. 

Here in New Mexico, we’re blessed with abundant natural resources and some of world’s most spectacular landscapes and wildlife. Carl Trujillo will fight to protect our wilderness and wildlife to ensure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty of New Mexico just as we do. Carl will also work to encourage investment in green energy and sustainable technologies like wind, solar and alternative fuels to protect New Mexico’s environment while providing sustainable, high-paying jobs and business opportunities for all New Mexicans.

We need to protect our environment, reduce our carbon footprint and create a sustainable, local-based economy by making it easy for local, sustainable businesses

to thrive in our community.

Jobs… For a Change!

Carl visits with a community member at the Chamber of Commerce Job Fair at DeVargas Mall.  We had a terrific response to our campaign table — people were three deep at times signing up for our mailing list and picking up yard signs, T-shirts and information about Carl’s campaign for a change.

And of course, there were many people there looking for jobs, on a day when unemployment in our state is almost 10%.

So many people in our community are struggling to make ends meet, and our outdated politics aren’t helping.  We need an educational system that prepares our young people to find good jobs when they graduate.  And most of all, we need to build a sustainable, “deep green” economy that encourages local companies to employ local people at fair wages, and doesn’t force our best and brightest to move out of state to find jobs that will allow them to build a life and start a family.

Meet Carl Trujillo, Homebuilder

Another in our Meet the Candidate series.

Carl Trujillo is a successful small business owner with a thriving business as a homebuilder.  He’s built over 42 homes, most of them for people right here in our community, and lives in a home he designed and built himself.

Carl is committed to creating more local opportunities for people who want to build a future for our community.  We need incentives for local businesses to hire local people at fair wages. And we need to invest our tax money in programs like job training and education to prepare people for the coming “deep green” economy — sustainable, local, environmentally response and economically prosperous.

Meet Carl Trujillo

Another in our series of blog posts introducing voters in the community to a young, exciting and capable new leader, Carl Trujillo.

Here, Carl takes time off from campaigning to work on his beautiful property in Nambe. His family has lived here for over 20 years, in a home that Carl built himself, nestled in the heart of the district.  Carl’s commitment to his community runs deep.  He mentors youth through sports coaching, volunteers at his local food bank and is passionate about making his community a better place for all of us.

Great news at the campaign office!

Carl Trujillo, holding his son Thomas, looks at voter outreach results at the campaign office.

Our volunteers have been out knocking on doors and talking with voters every weekend, and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive of Carl’s campaign for change.  Voters everywhere are telling us that they are ready to make a change from the outdated politics of the past and move forward into the future.

If you want to join our campaign for change, email our campaign office at Trujillo4rep@gmail.com or call us at 505-231-1460.  Whatever our unique skills are, there’s a place for you on the Carl Trujillo Campaign for Change.

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