I’m a citizen legislator. I believe in the idea of a citizen legislature that answers to the people first. That’s the way our democracy was meant to work. Much to the dismay of lobbyists and the Party establishment, my priority is to put the will of the people before personal opinion or political agendas.

I’m a scientist. Truth and facts are important to me. I read legislation carefully before I vote on it, because bill titles are often misleading, or the details mean that the bill doesn’t do what people hope it will. Sometimes one word makes all the difference, and I work hard to find that word. I ask questions that lobbyists wish I wouldn’t ask, because I want to know the full consequences of something before I vote.

I’m a husband. My wife is a brilliant, accomplished, successful woman, and being married to her, I get a front row seat to the struggles that women have in our society — to be fully heard, to be taken seriously, to be paid equally, I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to be a woman in our culture, but I know what it’s like to love one, and to want to do everything I can to be an ally in the continuing struggle for full equality.

I’m a father. I have four sons. One of them is nine years old, and I want him to be able to grow up without being afraid of gun violence in his school, to be able to get adequate health care, to live in a world that has clean air and clean water and polar bears and rhinoceroses in it. Another of my sons is a recovering drug addict, and walking his journey with him has made the opiate addition problem in our community a personal priority for me. My other two sons are already into their careers — I want them to be able to make a life here in New Mexico (close to us, because you know how we parents are), and not to have to go far away to build a good life for themselves.

I’m a volunteer Little League Coach. As a coach, I work hard to make sure that every kid on the team feels like they have something to offer, that the game is fair, and that everyone gets to play. Our district is a diverse one — from Progressives to traditional Democrats, third parties, independents and yes, even a few Republicans. No one has the clear majority. That means when I vote, no one gets their way 100% of the time, but everyone’s voice gets heard sometimes. I think that’s the way it should be in a democracy.

I’m an animal lover. Our family includes three rescue dogs, two rescue cats, and a rescue rabbit. I serve on the Board of the Santa Fe Humane Society and I fight hard in the legislature to protect animals — the most vulnerable members of our community, incapable of speaking up for themselves. And I always will.

I’m here to represent you. Let me know your priorities, your comments, your complaints and concerns. 505-669-6690. Campaign@CarlTrujillo.com.

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